Fashion Brand Will Look Like

Preppy! Androgynous! Effortlessly chic! Just a few fashion style notes to takeaway if you’ve ever perused the Alexa Chung archives. She’s been our go-to girl for fashion inspo since the former model popped up on our TV screens in the mid-noughties (RIP Popworld). The skinny jeans? The tux redux? ‘60s-style make-up? Dreamy. So, it perhaps came as little surprise last year when AC – who has previously designed sold out collections for AG Jeans and Madewell – announced plans to launch her very own fashion brand ALEXACHUNG.

‘After many seasons of inspiring and eye opening collaborations with some of my favourite brands, I have decided that now is the perfect time to go it alone and establish my very own fashion line,’ Alexa says.

‘I have been fortunate enough to have found a wonderful team from various corners of the fashion industry and beyond to help realise my vision and make this lifelong dream a reality,’ she adds. ‘We hope to bring you wearable, cool clothing you can live in and love in, whilst exploring the sartorial relationship between masculinity and femininity, something that has been a cornerstone of my personal style since I was old enough to dress myself.’

And ahead of the official brand launch on 30th May, the fashion icon has finally dropped serious hints over what to expect from her new collection – releasing a logo, website (, Instagram account (@alexachungstagram) and short film entitled ‘ALEXACHUNG Dressage’.The film, directed by Grammy-nominated filmmakers and artists Daniel and Lorin Askill, serves as a ‘an homage both to Alexaʼs past and future.’

Alexa says: ‘[It’s a tongue in cheek celebration of the dedication, precision, skill and determination needed to develop and create something aesthetically pleasing, coupled with the feeling that you could spend endless amounts of time trying to create something that means a lot to you, hoping that some might appreciate it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’