A Job Interview In Fashion

Forget a first date outfit, deciding on what to wear for that big job interview can be a real head-spinner. Jeans or no jeans? All black everything or a remember-me colour? If you’re interviewing for a fashion job you want to avoid a Miranda Priestly “you have no interest in fashion” moment.

We have spoken to some of the most stylish ladies in the industry to find out what they wore to the interview for their dream job or big break…

“For a graduation project I was required to work shadow an industry professional and was given the opportunity to spend the day with Garine Zerounian who was then the PR Manager at Yves Saint Laurent. I had NEVER had a fashion internship and had no idea how people in a creative field dressed for the office. So my instincts told me to stick with black. This was before I knew anything about how editors and publicists dressed, before I knew ‘all black everything’ is like a uniform in NYC, before every outfit was posted on social media, and before street style gave us an insiders view to the outfits of editors. So, it was a lucky guess – to stick with something classic and chic. I wore black wide legged pants with a black button up, and a powder blue coat from Stefanel. It was at that point the most expensive coat I had ever owned and I was SO in love with it.

“I wear that exact same formula today – black with an unexpected solid color and recently got a powder blue coat which brought back so many memories. I think having a formula or a ‘uniform’ helps because you’re not over-thinking your look which means you’re able to focus on your interview and truly be your best, most confident self. At the end of the day your outfit helps, but it’s your personality that’s going to get you hired. I guess it was a good choice. Garine fell in love with me and offered me an internship, and I then went on to work for the company full time in the PR Department.”